Tommaso Perazzo, winner of “Premio Internazionale Massimo Urbani 2018”, published his debut album!

The repertoire proposes original compositions based on charming melodies and new arrangements of jazz standards, developing a unique piano trio sound. Echoes from the legends of jazz (Keith Jarrett – Herbie Hancock), mixed with modern influences (E.S.T, – Brad Mehldau) bring new breath to the music of the Trio.


“What’s coming next?” is a question I often reflect on, as I am fascinated by the unpredictability and mysteriousness of the future: we can plan our choices and try to follow the directions of our paths, but we can not predict the combinations of unexpected factors and the unknowns that result. I think that this is one of the most interesting and fascinating aspects of life, and that it is remarkably connected with music…

Tommaso Perazzo

The melody is central in Tommaso Perazzo’s writing. “It has a primary role for me,” says the young pianist, “but it often happens that born together with the harmony; this represent more than a simple support function, as it happens in “Back Home” or “Interlude..for E.S. (dedicated to the great pianist Esbjörn Svensson): that song contains many harmonic changes, moving along with the main theme. Other songs are more focused on the melody, like “New Dreams, New Hopes” and “Flyer”. The structures of my compositions often contain sections that can be reached “on cue”, that means paths you can decide to take from time to time, any time during the execution: for example, in the song “Unknown 13”, during the solo, we decide on the moment when to go from section A to section B. My personal reason – he concludes – is to try to keep the improvisation really “free” with the aim of making the song as spontaneous as possible in every performance ».